From the midwest to the South, let us introduce you to promising up and coming artist Tommy Swisher. The talented artist grew up in East St. Louis, but moved to one of hip-hop’s southern hubs, Atlanta, when he was just 14.

Looking to return to SXSW for the 4th time after performing three years in a row, Tommy is putting the right pieces in place to ensure that can happen.

Coming off of his latest music release “The Moon,” Tommy has seen quite a bit of buzz from the new single, which will segue nicely into his upcoming project Runway To The Moon. There’s no exact date for that release, but it will drop prior to next month’s SXSW festival. “This is my greatest work to date,” Tommy tells us.

Tommy pinpoints a few people in particular that have shaped his artistry growing up. It started off with the legendary Erykah Badu, and more recently with current superstars J. Cole and The Weeknd to give Tommy the extra “umph” he needed.

If you thought this rapping thing was simply a hobby for Tommy, think again. What started out as a recording session in his school library has quickly transitioned into a future career for this emcee.

Tommy is expanding his music brain at the moment, learning how to play various instruments such as guitar, and even teaching himself how to produce. If Runway To The Moon is truly his best work to date, than we’re in for a major treat come this month.

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