This month we sat down with Tish Taylor, Marketing and Brand Partnerships powerhouse who has been running the game for over 18 years now. Tish has truly started from the bottom as a college rep for Sony and worked her way up to being an exec at one of the most notable labels in the game and running her own talent management company, Tish Taylor Presents. Read below for some notable advice you don’t want to miss.

AP: You’ve worked with and developed multiple artists of all genres. What is the most trivial piece of advice you would give to an up and coming artist of any genre?

TT: All artists should remember that they are the “Business”. The music business is a business. 2.) Never sign an agreement without an Entertainment Attorney looking it over and negotiating on your behalf. 3.) Be an expert of the business of music and entertainment, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing and promotion, not just the stage. 4.) And last want “it” more than anyone else on your team.

AP: What is the most important piece of advice you’ve received in your career that has impacted where you are today?

TT: To be yourself everyone else is already taken.

AP: Can you give us an inside scoop as to what you have planned for this year?

TT: This year one of my priority focuses is my son and client Jacob Latimore. I will oversee the rollout for his second album Connection Pt 2 plus continue to manage his participation in his various TV and Film projects and commitments to them. Jacob has 3 films that will debut this year plus season 2 of The Chi.

Due to some hurdles in 2018, I will relaunch my Business Behind the Band brand.

AP: What are some of the most important qualities labels look for in artists when considering signing them to a record deal?

TT: Today we are in an “Independent artist” industry, so if an artist is looking to get signed to a record label I would encourage them to already have a fan base. Large streaming numbers and sold out shows prove that an artist is working through the artist development phase. This is always a great sign and attracts labels who would like to come in to amplify the artist music and brand more.