The sun had set, and the reflection from legendary St. Andrew’s Hall’s stained-glass windows was no longer reflecting on the crowd that was lined up outside the venue. When the clock struck 9PM and the anticipation was in full effect, the performers rehearsed for the last time as they could hear the crowd starting to enter the building. As advertised, the first 100 ticket holders in line were receiving a special VIP upgrade – but they were still in for a surprise. With Swisher Sweets swag bags and exclusive front row access, the Pack Night attendees were overwhelmed with excitement which only grew as each performer stepped on stage. 

DJ Gary Chandler, the house DJ for the night, kept the crowd engaged from the moment he touched that stage, setting the mood for what would be a classic Detroit celebration. From old school hits, to new school favorites, fans had nothing but pure excitement and anticipation on their faces for what song or which artist would grace their presence next.

Coming all the way from New Jersey with a boatload of hit records in his holster, Fetty Wap had the building shaking and fans going crazy throughout his entire 40-minute set. Most of us know about the slew of hit records Fetty bursted on the scene with back in 2016. Incase anyone was wondering, those hit records, including “Trap Queen,” “679” and “My Way” still ring off just as hard as they did a couple years ago. The Swisher fans and attendees were on cloud 9 the moment Fetty hit the stage, and as expected, joined him in singing each and every lyric, to each and every song.  

While Fetty’s set was the most anticipated, D-Town’s own Snap Dogg, LaBritney and Taylor J made their presence felt tenfold.

The night started off with the message-driven, lyrical monster Taylor J, who recently dropped his latest body of work Only Us back in June. Hitting the stage with all the confidence in the world, Taylor performed songs from his aforementioned new project including the heartfelt “Trick Me” and “Blessed” just to name a few. With his Takeover crew backing him the entire time, Taylor even gave the crowd a throwback and performed an old fan-favorite “Homicide” where he was met with a crowd that once again, knew each and every word. Embraced with a roaring round of applause, Taylor had Saint Andrew’s going up!

Next up was the multi-faceted star, LaBritney, who was draped from head to toe in her one-of-a-kind Spanish Fly attire. LaBritney had the crowd’s attention the moment she was introduced to the stage, and let’s be honest, that was a guarantee.

Alongside her crew of talented dancers, the queen of Detroit started the set with her hard-hitting catchy single “FWU.” LaBritney’s a relatable artist that knows how to control a crowd, so naturally, she engaged with the audience and kept the energy high the entire set. When she wasn’t belting out hit song after hit song, she would take the time to reminisce about growing up in Detroit and why her city is the best of em all. She also had the crowd going completely insane when she announced that she would be starring on the new season of Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood, airing July 23rd.

Following her set, LaBritney took a moment to hang out with those same excited fans as she took pictures, embraced the crowd and of course, enjoyed some of her favorite Swisher Sweet, the “Diamonds”. The ladies were asking about her outfit, while the fellas were throwing compliments left and right.

The last of our new artists was the energetic Detroit spitter Snap Dogg. Anyone who knows Snap or has heard his music knows that his passion and overall energy is unmatched. His latest project Sacrifices is further proof of that and thankfully for the Detroit crowd, they got the full Snap Dogg experience during his show.

Backed by his entire crew, which is more or less a small army, Snap kicked things off with “Trick Em Off The Streets” – a fan favorite from the aforementioned project. Belting out the lyrics as soon as Snap got started, it was evident that fans were ready to turn up with one of the Motor City’s most vibrant new stars. Jumping in the crowd and getting fans to turn up with him, Snap set Saint Andrews Hall into a controlled frenzy and set the tone for Fetty’s headlining set. By the time his set wrapped up and “WYA” came through the speakers, it was a movie. Literally.

Snap and Fetty happen to be good friends and have even collab’d on some music in the past. So naturally, Snap decided to stick around and support Fetty’s set by joining him on stage and serving as an extra hype man.

The Swisher Sweets Artist Project is now officially two stops in for the 2018 Pack Night tour, and please believe, things are just getting started! Next month, on August 17th, the Artist Project will head to the City of Brotherly Love as Machine Gun Kelly headlines the classic Philly venue, TLA (Theatre of Living Arts), alongside Chill Moody, Shawn Smith and Iman. Visit for tickets and more information!