We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Patientce Foster, owner of CREAM PRQuality Control team member, publicist to superstars Cardi B and Offset and much, much more. Patientce has done promotion for the 2018 Pack Night Tour, including press releases, street teams, red carpets, and even adding some local acts to the bill for the shows. Described as a one-of-a-kind visionary and one of the most notorious creatives of our generation, take an inside peak into the master-mind of Patientce Foster.

Swisher: Patientce, was doing PR always your dream?

Patientce: Yes, although my path into the Public Relations industry was unconventional (I graduated from college as an English Major, worked various odd jobs, and opened my own hair salon) I always envisioned myself as the “brains” behind major campaigns  and artists—and here I am.

Swisher: So after college you worked at Hertz until you had enough money to start your own salon. You then took an internship at NY fashion week where you met Cardi and she hired you on the Tell us how your life went from 0-100 real quick!

Patientce: I met Cardi before I began my internship during NYFW. Cardi visited my salon in Delaware a few months prior, and when we met up again, I re-introduced myself to her team as a Publicist—and the rest is history!

Swisher: How has working with Cardi changed your professional and personal life?

Patientce: Personally, I’ve always been a fan of “Building Rome in a day” and working with a dynamic star like Cardi has pushed me as a creative to heights I never thought I would reach so early in my career. As a mother, I have been able to establish a lifestyle and future for my son that I could never have with my previous career path. Although I may have to sacrifice missing out on small “mommy” moments, I always assure myself that my son will understand in the future and appreciate those sacrifices.

Swisher: At what point did you realize you wanted to start your own company and take on more clients?

Patientce: Once I recognized that major players in this industry liked my ideas and what I was producing—I figured why not start my own firm? In creating my own agency, I can not only be more flexible as a creative, but I am also able to benefit more directly from all my efforts than I would normally working underneath another agency’s umbrella.

Swisher: What is one project that you’ve worked on that you’re super proud of?

Patientce: Currently, I am most proud of my latest project “Trapstock: Delaware’s Biggest Day Party”. Trapstock began as an urban festival event that I wanted to plan for my hometown that grew into its own identity. I’ve received numerous offers from production companies to take Trapstock on the road, but I’m proud to say that similar to festivals native to one state like Coachella, or the Governor’s Ball, Trapstock has planted its roots in Delaware.

Swisher: How does working with a brand differ from working with an individual?

Patientce: Brand and individuals have two different sets of entities. When working with a major brand, one must be sure to follow all chains of command and guidelines for every project and decision. And in working with an individual, publicists tend to be more involved on personal level with the client. Sometimes there’s just more of an interpersonal connection.

Swisher: Talk about some struggles that all publicists go through and some that are specific to you.

Patientce: Within my network, I’ve found that a lot of us female publicists struggle with not having it “together” all the time, and it tends to burn us out. We all want to be the best mothers, partners, friends, and conquer our careers all at the same time. Its okay to not have it all balanced all the time, no one ever does! All that matters is that we take care of  ourselves, and keep striving towards our personal goals no matter how hard it gets!

Swisher: What advice would you give to up and coming publicists?

Patientce: You can’t claim to want more in life but be afraid to enlarge your territory.

Swisher: What is a goal you hope to accomplish in 2019?

Patientce: In the year 2019, I want to be able to see all my current business ventures flourish! I’m excited to not only expand, but to also grow outside of my comfort zone. I’m looking forward to 2019 throwing even more hurdles, and seeing how I’m able to rise to the challenge!

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