For our next finalist in our ATX Challenge, we’d like to showcase Philly B, a rapper from Toledo, OH (aka The Mud), who’s currently residing in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, PA. Looking to make his mark on SXSW for the first time in his career, Philly has plans to make 2017 even stronger than his 2016.

In the last year, Philly has worked with some industry heavyweights including Zaytoven, Bizarre of D12, and more, and also has released a slew of new content garnering hundreds of thousands of views. In fact, Philly even directed and produced a documentary “The Independent Campaign” based on his 4th Branch Records label.

He’s not just any ordinary artist, if you haven’t figured it out.

For 2017, his work with Zaytoven will only increase. Philly has been hard at work at his new EP Zayledo, which will be entirely produced by Zaytoven and will include no features. The EP is set to drop in March, and to make it an even stronger release, Philly will shoot a video for each of the tracks on there.

Deeper than the music, Philly’s a father first and foremost and says his son and daughter are his entire world, and the only thing that truly matters to him. “I give my all with everything I do in hopes to get them out of Toledo and give them a better life,” Philly tells us. “I wont stop until I do so, and failure will NEVER be an option.”

Philly used to be a D-1 athlete in college, playing football and on a mission to get his degree. While he acknowledges dropping out to pursue his rap career might not have been his smartest move, Philly is beyond thankful he did so because it made him the man he is today.

Life is all about chasing your dreams, and in order to make it in this grueling industry, sacrifice is a necessity. Kudos to Philly for pursuing something most are afraid to.

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