The final New Talent Spotlight from our Detroit artists is Taylor J, who is having quite an eventful week. I guess that’s what happens when Kanye West retweets you on Twitter out of nowhere! Anyway, before Taylor tore up the stage at the Detroit Pack Night, we took some time to sit down with the young veteran to talk about his career, his take on the current state of hip-hop, why his partnership with us means so much to him and more.

Rounding out the Swisher Lounge interviews from Detroit, Taylor J joined Fetty Wap for a thoughtful discussion about how Fetty got to where he’s at, and what Taylor needs to do to follow those footsteps. They discussed the benefits of a major label vs. being independent, how it’s important to have a love for the music rather than only want to chase the money, and more. Taylor even took a moment to tell Fetty what we all want to tell him — we need some new music!