Next up for our New Talent Spotlight┬áis Artist Project mainstay Ponce De’Leioun. From growing up on the east coast in West Virginia to recently relocating in Los Angeles, Ponce speaks on his journey over the last few years and what keeps him going each day. Check it out above and catch up on Ponce’s latest release “Doing My Thing” out on all platforms.

Ponce was the 3rd and final artist to sit down with Desiigner for the last LA Swisher Lounge and you can tell the two artists mesh well. With the Swishers in rotation, Ponce asked Desiigner about his recent collaboration with Gucci Mane, what other music he has in the stash, and how the energy around Desiigner is contagious. Watch their short convo and follow both Desiigner (@LifeOfDesiigner) and Ponce (@PonceDeleioun) on socials.