For the next batch of New Talent Spotlights, we’re back today with the one and only LaBritney. Fresh out of Detroit, the current Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star is making moves in all facets of the industry, and it’s quickly becoming evident that she’s much more than just a singer.

During the interview, LaBritney spoke on always having a passion for singing and dancing and how those worlds eventually intertwined for her. She also spoke on dealing with a male-dominated industry and how despite that, there have been several women who have paved the way for her and others. Last, she spoke on how important Detroit is to her and that no matter what she does or where she goes, the D will always be home. Watch the full thing above.

Following the sit-down, LaBritney entered the Swisher Lounge where she chopped it up with Fetty Wap about an array of things. They spoke about who Fetty still wants to make music with, his unfortunate eye surgery that almost left him completely blind, and how he’s able to cook up so many hit songs so quickly.