Over the last several years, Atlanta has turned into a growing hub for hip-hop. Whether you’re an artist, producer, manager, cameraman, etc., ATL has created endless opportunities for all sorts of people involved in the culture.

One thing that they’ve done particularly well is develop and launch new talent, who quickly end up becoming household names. An artist that Swisher Sweets has had the pleasure to work with over the last few years, who certainly fits that mold, is none other than Kelechi.

Kelechi performed at our 2018 ATL Pack Night and put on an amazing performance. Prior to the excitement, however, we took some time to sit down with the rockstar to catch up on what he’s been up to. Acknowledging that everything’s getting “bigger”, Kelechi reminisces on his most recent work, while letting fans know his next move might be his best one yet. “I can’t just make a song for no reason,” Kelechi says. “Everything’s gotta have a purpose.”

Kelechi got the chance to link up with the ATL legend Gucci Mane in the Swisher Lounge. Connecting right away, Kelechi and Gucci discuss everything from the perfect nickname, the recent music Gucci’s put out, what he learned from his time locked up, going from artist to CEO, their shared love for Swishers, and much more.

Watch this candid conversation below and be sure to follow Kelechi on all platforms at: @Kelechief.