During each stop of the 2018 Pack Night tour, Swisher sat down with each of the emerging artists to conduct interviews before the big show. The interviews revealed an in-depth look at their career, what they have going on and what’s to come! 

Starting now, two interviews from each emerging artist will be dropped every week until the end of the year. First up is Dice Soho, who brought us up to speed on what he’s currently doing and his relationship with the Artist Project. Get familiar!

You are now entering the Swisher Lounge, where the Artist Project New Talent link up with the headlining artist and chop it up over some cigarillos.

In this episode we see Dice Soho catch up with his good friend Desiigner for one of the most entertaining Swisher Lounge sessions. You’ll hear Desiigner and Dice talk about what the road to success looks like and living out their dreams. Follow Dice on socials and stay tuned for more Swisher Lounge sessions!