Following an excellent Artist Project Pack Night event in Los Angeles last month, Swisher Sweets trekked out to the Motor City and threw an unforgettable showcase in Detroit. With headlining performances from KYLE and Roscoe Dash, fans were poised for a great night.

Before those two hitmakers took the stage, we had a slew of emerging acts showcase their skills for the excited concertgoers. First up on the bill was the “Mystery Boy,” aka Ro Ransom from New York, who instantly connected with the crowd. Whether it was his Jazz Cartier-assisted “Prettiest,” or his vulnerable closing track about a recent break up, Ro had the crowd giving their undivided attention from the moment he hit the stage to the moment he left.

Taking the stage next was the free-spirited Tobi Lou. Coming from the Chi, Tobi had big shoes to follow with Ro’s performance, but as expected, he delivered tenfold. One of the standout moments of the entire event was when he performed his hit single “Game Ova”. This brutally honest track comes to life during Tobi’s intimate performance and while his entire set was noteworthy, this track alone made his appearance worthwhile. Howdy do, Tobi Lou!

Hailing from the City of Brotherly Love, next up was promising Philly artist Kur. Being championed as “next to blow” in Philly, Kur’s set was certainly one of the most anticipated of the evening. His lyrical prowess is what separates him from his competition, and it’s safe to say those skills were on full display during our Pack Night. Even if you didn’t know about Kur prior to our showcase, we’d bet on it that you left as a fan afterwards.

Our first headliner of the evening was the one and only Roscoe Dash. Known for his mega hits like “All The Way Turned Up” and “No Hands”, Roscoe made it abundantly clear that there’s more where that came from. One piece of evidence was with his brand new, unreleased single “Then Again” that he performed for the first time at our Detroit Pack Night. With a thumping instrumental, a catchy hook and captivating verses, Roscoe has the recipe for success on this new single. Performing both new and older tracks, the Detroit crowd got more than they bargained for with Roscoe’s set.

To close out the evening, Swisher Sweets invited not only one of the most talented, but also one of the most positive artists in the game, KYLE. With happiness being the only thing that matters to this young hitmaker, the crowd was destined to leave with a smile on their face. And boy, did they. From his 2016 hit “Doubt It” to his more recent singles like “Nothing 2 Lose,” KYLE had the crowd singing word for word the moment he touched the stage.

Then all the sudden, KYLE abruptly “left” the stage before performing his smash hit “iSpy” and as expected, the crowd became upset. Well, jokes on them, because just 20 seconds after leaving the stage, KYLE made a dramatic return and performed his number 1 hit for an absurdly excited crowd. It was a moment to say the least.