The Swisher Sweets Artist Project awards grants to independent artists in support of their creative work.

Submissions are screened by the Swisher Sweets Artist Project Review Committee and are awarded at the sole discretion of Swisher International Inc. Factors considered in evaluating the grant application include successful completion of this grant application and the potential impact that the grant will have on the artist’s career.

You must be 21 to apply.

Grant submissions will be open from August 30 through September 20. Grants will be awarded in person at a location designated by Swisher at in Atlanta, Georgia on or around October 2. You will be notified by email if you are the recipient. If you do not respond in 2 business days, the Company will move on. You must be present to accept the grant in person.

The grant award is $5,000. Grantee is responsible for any applicable taxes associated with receiving the grant.

Rights Granted

By applying for a grant, all artists agree to allow Swisher International Inc. to use the artist’s likeness, name, social media/video content and related musical works to announce, promote and otherwise share on Swisher digital and social platforms without restriction. Content use will be limited to Swisher Sweets Artist Project-related uses, and artist’s assets will not be used in any unrelated content/promotions, or sold/distributed without additional consent.