With our Austin Takeover on the horizon, we’d like to introduce you to our next finalist for our ATX Fan-Voted Challenge, Gloria Prince, who resides in Prairie View, Texas — a couple hours away from SXSW’s hub, Austin.

Being no stranger to the festival, Gloria has performed during SXSW in the past, but is looking to have an even stronger presence for the 2017 event. Gloria’s latest single “All To Me” has bee buzzing across the web since it’s October release and is now almost at 100,000 views for the VEVO-hosted video.

With new music on the way, Gloria’s sitting on a promising new single titled “Go To Work,” which she says everyone in Austin will get to hear. Adding more excitement, this new single was also featured in a recent promo ad for Reebok Women.

Having experience in the industry (and those in it) have helped shape Gloria into the artist she is today. She’s been on tour with superstar B.o.B serving as his background singer and dancer, and having an opportunity to soak in “tour life”. She also happened to grow up with R&B crooner August Alsina, who she had a friendship with early in their lives.

But for Gloria, it’s deeper than music; she’s here to make a difference in people’s lives. From 2015 til this year, Gloria visited Kampla, Uganda three different times. The talented artist teaches the youth different hip-hop dances, and even helps the young girls learn how to do makeup. This mission was part of Courtney Copeland’s “Reaction Tour” in association with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, an important initiative that Gloria was proud to be a part of.

With just under a month until the big festival, will we see Gloria on our Swisher stage? Vote here: artistprojectevents.com