If you’re a fan of hip-hop, chances are, you know and have great respect for Mannie Fresh. The New Orleans native has blessed our stage, hosting the NOLA Takeover in 2017 and the 2nd Annual event in 2018. Afterwards, we sat down with him to get a few words about the experience and some insight into the evolution of the industry. Take a read below to see what the hip-hop legend had to say.

Swisher: So you hosted the 2017 NOLA Takeover AND the 2ndAnnual 2018 NOLA Takeover on December 28th at Orpheum Theater. The venue was bigger and there were more artists performing. What did you think of the night?

MF: It was great and this year it was in a bigger place that allowed more fans to participate in the event and was a even better feel as a venue for the artists.  The crowd was really into all the performers I introduced and enjoyed all the performances.

Swisher: In your opinion, how does the future of hip-hop look?

MF: Its looks strong.  It has really been embraced by the mainstream and keep growing in some ways good and other ways not for me.   They used to say it wouldn’t last long, but obviously they were wrong.  I see it being a strong musical genre for a long time.

Swisher: For those aspiring DJs looking to break into the industry, what advice do you have for them?

MF: Work hard at your craft!  Learn the ways of how it has been done and what is happening now.  The Tech side of things has really evolved, I would of never thought 20 years ago I would use a DJ controller, but I do at times and it works great.  You have to practice and you have get out in front of people and learn what they want as well being able to introduce them to new music.

Swisher: What do you see happening in 2019 that will rock the music world? Any new breakthrough artists or songs? Streaming?

MF: There seems like there are new artists that pop all the time, hard to put a finger on what will happen next.   Today its too hard for me to pick anything right now that will break out.   I have a artist CA that I work with very closely that I think will break out late 2019 early 2020.  I see great potential for him.

Swisher: Who do you see at the top of the Hip Hop Charts in 2019?

MF: I think you will see some of the same artists that have been doing it for a good while now and we will see some artists that you never heard of hit the charts.