The 2018 Pack Night tour kicked off in Los Angeles on June 16th and let’s just say it was a movie.

With a strong lineup in place, a venue filled with beaming lights and good energy, and a batch of excited concertgoers waiting at the front of El Rey Theatre, it was clear that this first Pack Night of 2018 was going to be one to remember. The Swisher Sweets Artist Project had the scene set with a wide variety of our Swisher Sweets blends and a batch of new merch available for fans to snatch up. The Boozy Watermelon drinks were flowing, the positive energy was gleaming, and the 2018 Pack Night tour had finally begun.

Headlined by G.O.O.D. Music’s very own Desiigner – the 21-year-old hitmaker known for his tracks “Panda”, “Timmy Turner” and more, hit the stage just before midnight with 100% energy and passion. Fans were given a lively, fun-filled performance they surely wouldn’t forget. Playing us all the records we know him for, including the two aforementioned tracks, as well as others like “Real Life” and more from his latest EP L.O.D., Desiigner knows how to get the crowd going and keep them entertained throughout the whole show. While stage-diving wasn’t quite an option at this venue (you’re welcome, security), Desiigner did make his way into the crowd mid-way through his set to get up-close-and-personal with his fans.

Rocking his exclusive Swisher Sweets football jersey, the man of the hour jumped off the stage and over the security barricade and into the crowd. The fans went wild as they made a circle around Desiigner, who didn’t miss a beat while singing, dancing and hugging his fans. After performing a handful of songs in the midst of his fans, Desiigner hopped back on stage and brought about 10 fans with him where he showed a middle-aged woman how to throw water onto the crowd – his signature move.

The essence of the Artist Project is bringing light to the emerging artist community and connecting fans on a deeper level with their favorite artists. The LA Pack Night attendees got the firsthand experience as Desiigner embodied everything the AP stands for. Following his set, he held a meet-and-greet with a few more fans that left them with unforgettable memories.

Prior to Desiigner’s performance, the Artist Project had three incredible opening acts set the stage and vibe for the night. First up was Artist Project rookie, CharlesBryan, who was accompanied by some stylish dancers throughout his show. With strong renditions of his tracks “Toot”, the relatable “All My Exes” and more, Charles truly showed up and showed out for his first-ever Swisher Sweets Artist Project performance. His unparalleled stage presence brought fans to their feet and had them dancing throughout his whole set.

Following Charles was the long-time Swisher partner, Ponce De’Leioun, who, as always, gave us a standout performance at the 2018 L.A. Pack Night. Backed by his crew, Ponce had his Swishers on deck as he performed a ton of past hits he has, as well as newer tracks including “Outside” featuring OG Maco. The west coast-living emcee reminded us why we can’t get enough of his artistry and why it’s a must for him to be a part of the Artist Project team.

Closing out the opening acts was the buzzing and quickly rising Houston-born artist Dice Soho. Bringing his southern energy to the LA coast for the last few years has done wonders for his career, landing him a deal with Mike Dean and much more. It’s clear he’s adapted to the west coast vibes as the young and energetic artist turned the crowd up from 100 to 10000 the second he hit the stage. Known for hard-hitting instrumentals and anthem-like tracks, Dice’s performance ability and aura on stage is unmatched; just ask our fans in attendance.

Next up for the 2018 Pack Night tour is Detroit, MI where the likes of Fetty Wap, Snap Dogg, LaBritney and Taylor J will invade St. Andrews Hall on July 14th. For more information on that show and to grab last-minute tickets, visit