LaBritney Releases New EP “Never Fold”

What an amazing year for Detroit’s very own LaBritney! 2018 will certainly be a memorable one for LaBritney, who closes out this week, and starts off the month of December, with her long-awaited new EP Never Fold. The 7-track project includes features from Kash Doll, as well as LaBritney’s sister Afro Cubaan, and her [...]

LaBritney Releases New EP “Never Fold”2018-12-03T10:32:39+00:00

New Talent Spotlight: Lil Freaky Rounding out the ATL New Talent Spotlights, next up is the one and only Lil Freaky. Part of the Freebandz conglomerate, Freaky has made his mark on the game in a noticeable way over the last couple of years and it’s time for Mr. Dripset himself to get his shine. Before the ATL [...]

New Talent Spotlight: Lil Freaky2018-11-30T14:31:45+00:00

New Talent Spotlight: Q Money Making move after move and taking the industry by storm, Cleveland’s own Q Money is having an amazing 2018. With the success of his new single “Neat,” his latest project Ain’t Sh*t Funny, and him being added to G Herbo’s tour, there’s a lot to be excited about for the Think It’s A [...]

New Talent Spotlight: Q Money2018-11-29T13:20:18+00:00

New Talent Spotlight: Kelechi Over the last several years, Atlanta has turned into a growing hub for hip-hop. Whether you’re an artist, producer, manager, cameraman, etc., ATL has created endless opportunities for all sorts of people involved in the culture. One thing that they’ve done particularly well is develop and launch new talent, who quickly end up [...]

New Talent Spotlight: Kelechi2018-11-29T11:56:31+00:00

PR Advice From The Pro: Patientce Foster [Interview]

We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Patientce Foster, owner of CREAM PR, Quality Control team member, publicist to superstars Cardi B and Offset and much, much more. Patientce has done promotion for the 2018 Pack Night Tour, including press releases, street teams, red carpets, and even adding some local acts to the bill for the shows. Described as a [...]

PR Advice From The Pro: Patientce Foster [Interview]2018-12-10T09:34:28+00:00

Since Day One: Machine Gun Kelly Back with a new edition of our “Since Day One” segment, one of hip-hop’s favorite rockstars Machine Gun Kelly discusses his team and how they’ve all remained intact since the very beginning. Acknowledging he wasn’t very close with his biological family, Kellz found solace in having a group of friends he could consider [...]

Since Day One: Machine Gun Kelly2018-11-20T11:04:13+00:00

Since Day One: Desiigner Every successful artist comes with an equipped team ready and able to assist each step of the journey. Beyond their team, however, there’s usually one person in their life considered their ‘day one’ supporter and that person will always have a special value attached to them.  For platinum-selling superstar Desiigner, one of his [...]

Since Day One: Desiigner2018-11-20T10:56:44+00:00

New Talent Spotlight: Chill Moody Chill Moody is a household name in his hometown of Philadelphia, and it’ll just be a matter of time before he’s a household name everywhere else. Prior to his memorable set at the TLA for the Philly Pack Night, Chill sat down with the Swisher crew to discuss his brand “Nice Things” and [...]

New Talent Spotlight: Chill Moody2018-11-19T16:12:01+00:00


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