Applications For The $1,000 Fetty Wap Grant Are Officially Open! The Swisher Sweets Artist Project is built on the foundation of finding ways to effectively help musicians of all sorts thrive in their careers. That sort of help has come in many ways, whether it’s providing performance opportunities opening for one of today’s biggest acts, helping artists with their promotional efforts, or connecting [...]

Applications For The $1,000 Fetty Wap Grant Are Officially Open!2018-08-02T11:46:23-04:00

60 Seconds With: Desiigner Ever wonder what your favorite musician does when they’re not working? Or what their dream car might be? How about the 3 essential items they must always have on them? In an Artist Project new interview series, “60 Seconds” we find out all of those answers and more! Our first guest was the [...]

60 Seconds With: Desiigner2018-08-02T11:03:35-04:00

KB the Boo Bonic Profile

From a small Texas town named Humble, and currently residing in Austin, KB the Boo Bonic is an artist we’re excited about, and also one of our 10 finalists for our ATX Fan-Voted Challenge. Being a native to the SXSW home, KB has also performed at the festival the last handful of years. Her [...]

KB the Boo Bonic Profile2017-10-23T15:16:23-04:00

Svn Profile

For another contestant in our ATX Fan-Voted Challenge, we introduce you to another Texas native Svn. No stranger to the biggest festival in the entertainment world, the Houston native performed at SXSW the last two years. He’s coming off a new mixtape that he dropped in the beginning of the year titled Second Sunday. [...]

Svn Profile2017-02-28T19:08:08-04:00

Cam James Profile

Our next finalist for our ATX Fan-Voted Challenge, let us introduce you to Cam James. Based in Orlando, FL, Cam has only been to Austin as a fan and has every intention of making 2017 the first year he gets to perform. Back in October of 2015, Cam officially made his mark on the [...]

Cam James Profile2017-02-28T19:08:05-04:00

Avae Profile

The best thing about music is the various artists we come across and the various sounds and music we get to experience. When it comes to hip-hop, diversifying your skill set and expanding your knowledge is a must, and for promising upstart Avae, that ideology is understood.Born in the Ukraine and currently residing in Dallas, [...]

Avae Profile2017-02-28T19:08:02-04:00

Gloria Prince Profile

With our Austin Takeover on the horizon, we’d like to introduce you to our next finalist for our ATX Fan-Voted Challenge, Gloria Prince, who resides in Prairie View, Texas — a couple hours away from SXSW’s hub, Austin.Being no stranger to the festival, Gloria has performed during SXSW in the past, but is looking to [...]

Gloria Prince Profile2017-02-28T19:08:46-04:00

Chilly Chills Profile

Over the last few years, Atlanta has served as a hub for emerging talent in the hip-hop world. Most of us are familiar with the heavy hitters including Gucci Mane, Future, Young Thug, Migos, etc., but there are plenty of up and coming artists worth keeping an eye on.That said, we’d like to introduce you [...]

Chilly Chills Profile2017-02-28T19:09:45-04:00

Reflecting on OK GO’s “Upside Down & Inside Out” Music Video One Year Later

[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] A year ago today, talented rock band OK GO released a game-changing music video for their hit track “Upside Down & Inside Out.” Although they didn’t win the award last evening, the crew earned themselves a GRAMMY® Award nomination in the Best Music Video category, officially putting them on the map. This [...]

Reflecting on OK GO’s “Upside Down & Inside Out” Music Video One Year Later2017-02-27T22:14:19-04:00


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