After an incredibly successful 2017 with our growing Artist Project, Swisher Sweets finished off the year with an unforgettable end-of-the-year finale Pack Night event in New Orleans. Headlined by two of music’s top stars, Cardi B and Machine Gun Kelly, the sold-out crowd at the Joy Theater arena experienced a night they won’t forget with Swisher Sweets.

In 2017, Swisher Sweets traveled to various cities hosting Pack Night events as part of the Artist Project initiative. Couldn’t make it to a show this year? We went to Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston and Atlanta all before taking over New Orleans. At each of the Pack Night events, the lineup featured a handful of talented emerging artists native to each city to open up at each of these shows. On top of putting local talent on display, the shows were closed out by a mainstream headliner.

After the series of Pack Nights concluded, the three emerging artists from each city competed for a chance to perform at the NOLA Takeover. Fans went to our website and voted on their favorite artist. For LA, DaniLeigh, Jay Vinchi and Ponce De’Leioun competed, with Jay Vinchi receiving the most votes by a hair. For Detroit, Kur, Ro Random and Tobi Lou competed, with Tobi Lou winning the contest. For Atlanta, Fa$t Life, Kelechi and Grafh were up against each other, with Kelechi coming out on top. For Houston, one of the toughest competitions, Gloria Prince and Lyric Michelle fell just short of KB The Boo Bonic. The four winners, Kelechi, Jay Vinchi, KB The Boo Bonic and Tobi Lou then headed to New Orleans to open for Cardi B and MGK for the show of the year!

Starting off the night in a strong way, Jay Vinchi was the first artist to hit the stage in NOLA. His brash lyricism and pure passion made this emerging artist a must-see in New Orleans. He even previewed some brand new, unreleased music for the sold out crowd at Joy Theater. After experiencing his upbeat set, followed by the crowd’s vibrant response, there’s no wonder why Jay Vinchi ended up at our NOLA Takeover event.

The next performer was Tobi Lou. His unique style and confident attitude truly added to his set. From song to song, Tobi set the tone for the rest of the night. His electric energy spread from all across the crowd as he performed his most popular songs, having nearly every fan singing along. Tobi Lou was clearly a crowd favorite.

Next up, Houston’s own, KB The Boo Bonic, brought something new and unique to the stage. KB’s personality is that of a free-spirited woman, who, at all times, will do whatever she wants. Thankfully, making good music is one of those things and she put that on full display in NOLA.

Hailing from Atlanta, the incredibly passionate and talented Kelechi, brought the down south flavor with him. Towards the end of 2017, Kelechi released his long-awaited album Quarter Life Crisis and received a great response. For his NOLA Takeover set, Kelechi made sure to give fans a nice taste of his new stuff by performing standout tracks like “Eyes On The Road”. When his time was up, the crowd wasn’t ready for Kelechi to leave the stage, causing an uproar. 2018 is looking bright for this ATL rising star.

To close out the show, we had wild-boy Machine Gun Kelly hit the stage followed by the hottest female rapper in the game, Cardi B, for what was a terrific back-to-back set. MGK brought out the guitar and the back-up band, while Cardi B brought her jokes and her hit records. What better way to close out the year? Check out our full MGK and Cardi B event reviews.

Throughout the night, Swisher Sweets gave out some exciting prizes, including signed guitars by each performer, tickets to the 2017 Sugar Bowl and much more. From incredible live performances, to unique activations, tasty drinks and more, the Swisher Sweets Artist Project NOLA Takeover was unforgettable. Stay tuned for the incredible things we have planned for 2018!