It’s that time of year again folks — the 2019 Swisher Sweets Artist Project is underway!

Each year, to symbolize the official launch of the new season, Swisher hosts the luxurious Spark Party: an exclusive, private event in Los Angeles where the biggest names in the industry come together and celebrate what’s on the horizon for the new year. Swisher takes it a step further and honors one special artist with the Spark Award, which is given to a prominent figure in the industry that’s gone above and beyond in their career, and also represents what the Swisher Sweets Artist Project is all about. For 2019, Swisher has chosen the talented, free-spirited superstar Cardi B to be the official Spark Award recipient.

Ever since she broke onto the scene, Cardi has been a breath of fresh air. In addition to all of the great music and content she’s released, her bubbly personality and her overall energy has made her a dominating force in hip-hop and the entertainment world as a whole. This year, the Bronx native added a major notch to her resume by taking home the Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy’s for her debut project Invasion of Privacy. She also has another huge hit on her hands with her latest single “Money”, which went number 1 upon its release. Not to mention the countless other hit singles she was apart of, the commercials, and the various other awards she’s won. It’s Cardi’s time now more than ever.

Year in and year out, the entertainment industry is filled with rising new talents that are either here momentarily, or here for the long haul. We’ve seen certain artists have a bright moment or two and then fade away, while others soar to the top and stay there for the long haul. The latter is Cardi B, and we’re willing to bet her “15 minutes of fame” isn’t ending anytime soon.