Our next finalist for our ATX Fan-Voted Challenge, let us introduce you to Cam James. Based in Orlando, FL, Cam has only been to Austin as a fan and has every intention of making 2017 the first year he gets to perform.

Back in October of 2015, Cam officially made his mark on the industry by releasing his debut album FreeFall. Since then, he’s been able to grow a foundation of a fan base and has kept his fans happy by releasing a series of singles and freestyles, which will lead into his next album coming this year.

On Valentine’s Day this month, Cam unleashed a catchy new single “Wait” featuring Jean Michaels. This track served as the first taste of his aforementioned upcoming album leviTAPE, set to drop in mid-March, right when SXSW is happening.

Deeming himself a “writer, first and foremost,” Cam has what it takes to make it in this grueling and sometimes over-saturated industry. “I have the ability to swap bars with the best of ’em, but I choose to tell stories and connect with my fans,” James tells us. Confidence is key.

While producing is still on his to-do list, Cam is as much of a one-man army as it gets. He records and writes his own music, mixes and masters each record, handles the creative design work, and also leads his promo team.

Interestingly enough, unlike most up and coming artists, Cam isn’t necessarily focused on fame for himself, but rather his work instead. “I don’t want my face to be famous, just my work,” Cam tells us. “That’s rare in this industry, but then again I didn’t start doing this to be like other people.”

If you’d like to see Cam James perform at our ATX Takeover this year, vote now: artistprojectevents.com