Meet Gifted Gab, a Seattle-based female rapper who recently collaborated with the Swisher Sweets Artist Project on a Convenience Store Session. Her talent has brought recognition to Seattle, a city rarely associated with hip-hop.

Gifted Gab’s ability to create complex verses with variety in her sound, ranging from smooth melodies to strong lyrics, is what makes her so unique. She grew up with constant exposure to music. From singing with her mother in the church choir to learning to play the piano at age 6, she quickly developed an affinity for memorizing and reciting rap lyrics. The witty wordsmith finds inspiration in the lyrical genius of artists such as Queen Latifah, Michael Jackson, and Tupac.

Gifted Gab released her first full-length project “Girl Rap” in 2014. “Gab The Most High” is her most recent project, which consists of 14 tracks, where she demonstrates that not only can she drop a powerful verse, she can also sing. Her 90s hip-hop sound has been well received, earning her acclaim not only locally, but from recognized music industry publications such as XXL, VH1, and TIME. The 25-year-old emcee has performed at several events to include opening for DJ Quik, Rakim, Cam’ron and Slick Rick. Her confidence shines through in her rhymes, and as the sole female member of Seattle’s hip-hop group Moor Gang, she is not easily intimidated.

Gifted Gab has proved to be a force to be reckon with, and we know we’re not alone in our anticipation to see what she has in store next.

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You can keep up with Gifted Gab on Twitter or Instagram and find out more about her music at Stay in tune with the Swisher Sweets Artist Project by following #SwisherArtistProject on Instagram or Twitter.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Gifted Gab. Photo by Miss Lopez Media.



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