The best thing about music is the various artists we come across and the various sounds and music we get to experience. When it comes to hip-hop, diversifying your skill set and expanding your knowledge is a must, and for promising upstart Avae, that ideology is understood.

Born in the Ukraine and currently residing in Dallas, TX, notable up and coming artist Avae is looking to make his ATX debut this year at the Swisher Sweets showcase. With recent music releases making some well-noticed noise, we think his goal of performing at SX could become a reality in 2017.

Avae’s latest music release is a track titled “How We Do” featuring his friend and collaborator CARLYLE. The remix for it was released this past week, and he also has a few more tracks in the can set to release very soon on popular indie platforms Trap Nation and Lowly Palace.

Currently enjoying the success of his debut single “Daydream,” Avae is about to see one million streams on Spotify. The single currently sits at around 860,000, but with it only being released late last year, we’re expecting to see the one million mark before 2017’s over. In fact, the single circulated so much that The Chainsmokers caught wind of it and added it to their “Nice Hair” Spotify playlist.

As a musically diverse artist, who can sing, produce and DJ, as well as play guitar, piano, and drums, we have high hopes that Avae will become a household name in the industry in no time.

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