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Project Description


Ro Ransom is a 24-year-old hip-hop artist hailing from Manhattan, New York. He’s cited people such as Sasha Grey and Jeff Hardy as influences for what leads his style in such a dark, sensual direction. Ro grew up surrounded by thieves, models and artists, drug dealers, drug users and everything in between: which created the dichotomy that exists in his music. A rapper whose comparisons often lay closer to a deviant lovechild of Justin Timberlake & Aaliyah, he weaves in and out of razor sharp, rattlesnake-toothed raps, with mesmerizing melodies that even the toughest guys in the room can never resist . Ultimately, Ro uses his own enigma and eccentricities to help inspire those who have trouble grappling with their own identity and place in the world. Ro is also a writer for others and has worked with Khalid, Kiiara, and more.


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