Project Description

Niko Brim


1. Congrats on being chosen for our Swisher Sound ambassador program! How does it feel to be partnering with Swisher in this capacity?

It feels great. Swisher in the studio always sets the vibe, so to be part of the Swisher Sound Ambassador Program, it’s only right.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, how you got into the industry, etc?

I’m from Mount Vernon, NY. Where I’m from, talent is everywhere! Its an unsung Hip-Hop mecca. I got into the industry starting with cypher events that turned into shows, shows into festivals, and it goes on. My lyricism on wax and making beats definitely separated me and gave me the edge to start making noise.

3. For those who don’t know, describe your artistry and your style of music.

My style of music is inspired by a lot. If I could put it as a genre I would say “Soul-Rap”. I pick myself apart in my music its introspective, honest, and never just one feeling. I bring all the vibes.

4. Talk to us about what you’ve been up to this year so far. Any new music? Shows?

Yeah a lot is going on. I’m preparing to drop a lot of new music for the people that I CANNOT wait to share. I have two upcoming shows, AFRAM Festival and The Source 360. These are two shows you NEED to attend. It’s going to be a great experience.

5. What’s on the horizon for the rest of 2019?

The rest of 2019 for me, I’m focused on getting this music out. It’s all I think about and it keeps up at night, literally lol! Along with videos, content and a few other surprises as well.