The Swisher Sweets Artist Project is built on the foundation of finding ways to effectively help musicians of all sorts thrive in their careers. That sort of help has come in many ways, whether it’s providing performance opportunities opening for one of today’s biggest acts, helping artists with their promotional efforts, or connecting them with other musicians.

This year, the Artist Project will be awarding not one – but four hungry musicians with a $1,000 grant in order to help them get the necessary resources to launch a thriving music career. From the studio, to photo shoots and music videos, to paying for promo and marketing, it can get quite pricey for musicians. Especially those that don’t have a major label backing them.

The Artist Project is excited to announce that the application period for the first $1,000 grant, in partnership with Fetty Wap is open from July 18th until August 1st!

Find out how you can be selected by visiting now!