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This year, The Swisher Sweets Artist Project celebrated the emerging artist. And we embraced everything that came along with a rising artist’s journey: The struggle, the uncertainty, and the excitement of the unknown.

Watch The Swisher Sweets Artist Project Video: A Look Back at 2016

Swisher Sweets put the spotlight on up-and-coming creative talent this year to help artists pursue their passions and to keep fans on the front lines of what’s fresh in the world of music. To accomplish that, we hosted a 14-hour showcase in Austin during SXSW that kicked off our summer five-city Swisher Sweets Pack Night tour. We then took over the backstage at the A3C Festival in Atlanta (along with Chanel West Coast) in the fall, all while hosting five pop-up Convenience Store Sessions in LA.

And that’s not all. After the artists rocked the stage for us, we asked them to share their stories for our “Since Day One” series. We created a platform through the series for artists to tell their tales of discovery, triumph, and struggle to entertain, inspire and enlighten you as you pursue your dreams.

Missed an episode of “Since Day One?” Catch up on the Swisher Sweets YouTube channel here.

It has been a fantastic 2016. We met a lot of Swisher Sweets fans, connected with amazing emerging artists, and created fresh and exclusive musical content for you. So take a beat and join us as we relive some of this year’s best moments.

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