A force to be reckoned with on the mic, Shawn Smith is unlike your average artist. Filled with insane lyricism, clever wordplay and determination to outdo his competition, this Philly native is everything true hip-hop fans can appreciate.

We sat down with Shawn during the Philly Pack Night to learn more about the emcee and how he got started. Although his come up hasn’t been an overnight thing, Shawn got some early opportunities to showcase his skills and he ran with it.

Like Iman and Chill, Shawn also spent time with MGK in the Swisher Lounge during the Philly Pack Night for an informative conversation. Shawn asked MGK about his creative process, the difference between making good music and “chasing a hit”, and more.

Check out their discussion and lock in with Shawn on all socials: @ShawnSmithStory.