Hey Los Angeles, it’s Pack Night week!

This Saturday (June 16th), the Swisher Sweets Artist Project will host their first Pack Night event of 2018 at the beloved El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, California and what a lineup we have in store for you. Headlined by Mr. hitmaker himself, Desiigner, fans will also witness stellar performances from blazing emerging artists including Dice Soho, Ponce De’Leioun and Charles Bryan.

While he’s not quite known by the masses at this moment, fans should be paying close attention to Charles Bryan these next several months. After making some well-deserved noise from his single “My Own Wave” and “Toot,” Charles has just released his new EP T.A.L.M. this past week giving concertgoers plenty of new music to digest beforehand. When discussing the project, Charles says, “It was important for me to work with the right artists and producers for this one, that made all the difference.”

Feeling fortunate to get an opportunity to partner with Swisher Sweets, Charles is looking ahead to his performance this weekend. “It feels amazing,” Charles tells us. “That really, really feels amazing to be working with a brand I’ve loved for so long. Crazy.”

Returning to the Pack Night stage is the West Virginia-born, L.A.-living Ponce De’Leioun. Ponce gave us a memorable performance during the 2017 L.A. Pack Night and he ensures us this year will be even better. “I love my Swisher Sweets family, it’s always a movie when we link up,” Ponce says. “Expect an even crazier set this year. This will be unforgettable.”

Ponce has been steady working on a batch of new music and visuals that fans will be able to hear very soon. If you’re planning to attend this week’s Pack Night, you might even get to hear some exclusives before they’re released!

Closing out our emerging acts is the buzzing and quickly growing Dice Soho. Born and raised in Houston, Dice has spent a bunch of time in Los Angeles the last few years, making it his 2nd home. When he got the call that Swisher Sweets wanted to partner with him for the 2018 season, he couldn’t be more thrilled. “I’ve been around Swishers forever,” Dice tells us. “To be working with them is cool, can’t wait to hit the stage.”

Dice has collaborated with our headliner Desiigner on numerous occasions including “SSP” alongside Ty Dolla $ign. We can only hope that the two of them perform that track together this Saturday. Dice says it’s a sure possibility!

All of our performers are making big time moves and have a lot in store for the remaining of 2018. Grab your tickets (ap.swishersweets.com) now before it’s too late!