EARLIER THIS MONTH, CHANEL WEST COAST VISITED THE EAST COAST TO join THE SWISHER SWEETS ARTIST PROJECT team as they took  OVER ATLANTA’S A3C FESTIVAL BACKSTAGE. BEING IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA IS NOT UNUSUAL FOR THE LA-BASED RAPPER, WHO MOONLIGHTS ON TV AS A CAST MEMBER OF “RIDICULOUSNESS.” BUT THIS TIME IT WAS A LITTLE DIFFERENT. INSTEAD OF PERFORMING OR PROVIDING COMMENTARY, Swisher Sweets Artist Project brought in CHANEL to INTERVIEW ARTISTS, Dj’s, and producers ATTENDING THE FESTIVAL. But her work wasn’t just done backstage. To bring a cool experience to the fans, we thought it would be fun to EXPLORE THE rest of the festival with Chanel. First stop was to check out the Swisher Sweets tent TO TALK ABOUT her FAVORITE cigar BLENDS AND HIP-HOP STARS WITH VISITORS. On the way back to the Swisher Sweets Artist Project backstage lounge, she didn’t hesitate to stop and  take pictures with her fans. THEN, AFTER A LONG DAY OF BEING IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA, CHANEL JUMPED ON STAGE WITH RAPPER, AND FELLOW WEST COAST NATIVE, TOO $HORT TO CLOSE OUT THE NIGHT.