With our official 2017 ATX Takeover showcases officially in the history books, we can safely say this year’s event was one of our best ever. Taking our talents to Maggie Mae’s on the highly cherished 6th Street in Downtown Austin, TX, Swisher Sweets put on both a day and night showcase that you didn’t want to miss.

Featuring over 15 artists and DJs, both of our performances included some participants from our beloved Swisher Sweets Class of 2016.

Hopping on the turntables throughout the day and again through the evening was the lovely DJ Poizon Ivy, who brought along her positive energy and hard-hitting mixes. The successful party- starter kept the fans successfully entertained in between performances and her impact was felt with each and every spin. Sharing the night with DJ Miss Milan, the Dallas native turned Maggie Mae’s into the Dallas Mavericks arena — where she dubs as the Mavs’ official DJ — and kept our ATX Takeover jumping all day and all night.

For the daytime performances, our class of 2016 members Alexander King and Laura Reed gave us memorable sets reminding us why they’re a part of our family. The passion and high volumes of energy that Alexander exuded was not only breathtaking, but mesmerizing to say the least. His beaming positivity and his shear talent made his presence a necessity at the ATX Takeover.

Laura Reed, who’s doing just as many incredible things off the mic as she is on it, had fans focused from the beginning to the end of her top notch set. Always telling a message with her music, Laura made sure her set was filled with not only good music, but words of encouragement that anyone listening could certainly use.

As we made our way to the night show, we reunited with some other class of 2016 members including Kelechi, Ponce De’Leioun, Saint Oeaux and Fresco Kane.

Fresco kicked off the night show in a fierce way after the crowd of excited fans already knew what to expect from our ATX showcase. His passion was felt right away and his talents were highlighted in a great way.

The Atlanta upstart, Kelechi, who has a ton in store, shut down the Maggie Mae’s stage with an incredible performance. Already having a strong fan base of his own, we’re almost positive that Kelechi left the building with a batch of new supporters. He even told famed interviewer Nardwuar backstage, “You’ll be seeing me soon” and we have to say that we agree.

The passionate hitmaker Saint Oeaux took his St. Louis swag all the way to Austin for a memorable performance at our ATX Takeover. We’ve enjoyed watching him progress in his career and couldn’t be prouder to have him in our 2016 class.

Last but not least was the multi-talented Ponce De’Leioun, who’s presence was a necessary one at our night showcase. His captivating performance, his wide range of different sounding music, and his overall aura had fans begging for more. The soon-to-be superstar has quickly rose to fame over the last couple of years and his talents should not be ignored.

Our class of 2016 showed up and showed out at our 2017 ATX Takeover event. Stay tuned for more amazing things from these talented stars.