What is the Artist Project?

The Swisher Sweets Artist Project is an ongoing initiative to provide unique opportunities for artists to create, share, and pursue their passion. For fans, it’s a way to be at the forefront of what’s new and emerging in the world of music, arts and entertainment.

We’re supporting live events, creating original video content and providing grants to give opportunities for artists to showcase their art.

Swisher Sweets should sponsor me. How do I get sponsored?

We love that you love Swisher Sweets but we don’t do sponsorships. However, we created the Artist Project as a way for Swisher to promote and support art and it’s creation. Shoot us an email with your idea or thoughts at artistsproject@swisher.com.

What live events are you doing?

Swisher Sweets Pack Nights are official Swisher Artist Project events. In select cities across the U.S., the Swisher Artist Project invites emerging artists to perform for Swisher fans at one of the area’s premier music venues. This year six cities will be hosting Pack Night events: Atlanta (April 29), Nashville (May 4), Dallas (June 23 & 24), Cincinnati (July), Baltimore (August) and St. Louis (September). To learn more, follow Swisher Sweets on Instagram/Twitter @swishersweets or email artistproject@swisher.com.

What are the Convenience Store Sessions?

The Convenience Store Sessions are random pop-up live performances by some of our favorite bands set in convenience stores. The band comes in, set’s up and plays. The store is open and customers get to see something amazing develop right before their eyes. It’s really an amazing experience. We don’t announce them so you’ll just have to stumble on one to see it live. Even better, check out the videos that we create to see all of the action.

Ok, I get the live events and videos, but what’s this granting program?

Part of the Artist Project is about Swisher Sweets helping artist pursue their passions. Coming soon we’ll be giving away grants to help with that.

Is there an age requirement for the Artist Project?

Yes. You must be at least 18 years old to view content, be on this website and generally have anything to do with the Artist Project.

I think my band/music/art should be a part of the Artist Project? How can I be a part of it?

First, you should be following Swisher Sweets on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. That’s where we’ll let people know about upcoming opportunities and how to participate. Second, you should plan on coming back here regularly. Not only will you get to see the latest news and info, but you’ll get to see exclusive, original content from some amazing artists. To sign up for the Swisher Artist Project mailing list for artists, visit the Program page.

I’m not an artist but I love art and music. How can I participate?

Follow us on social media, support the amazing acts we’re finding, come to our Pack Nights to see amazing new bands and artists, and watch our original content on YouTube.

I have a suggestion for a new Swisher Sweets product. Who should I talk to?

Swisher Sweets is always coming out with new products and flavors. Go to swishersweets.com to see the latest.

I have a customer service problem and need help. Can you help me?

Please go to swishersweets.com for contact information.