While it was a close contest beforehand, our 2017 ATX Challenge winner Gloria Prince proved to us why she was deserving of the winning spot for this year’s showcase.

Swisher Sweets Austin Takeover

Swisher Sweets Austin Takeover

The talented songbird beat out a ton of a worthy contestants and made her way to the final top 10 of our contest. After that, she beat out 9 other artists by earning the most votes from her fanbase and in turn winning a performance slot and all expense-paid-for trip to Austin, TX for our event.

Coming from Prairie View, Texas, Gloria is no stranger to the southern energy and she made sure to bring that passion with her to the stage. Her passion, her talent and her stage presence led to a beyond successful performance and likely a new batch of fans for the young singer.

Prior to her performance, Gloria sat down with us for an exclusive interview where she discussed winning the fan challenge and what that meant to her, the type of music she makes and what fans can expect from her this year, her influences and inspirations, and much more.

We have our eyes glued to Gloria following our 2017 ATX Takeover event and we suggest you do as well. Check out her interview with us, and some pictures from her performance below.