The A3C Festival Kicks off: Swisher Sweets Artist Project Takes over the Backstage

Last night, despite the rain, wind and a hurricane looming on the Southeast coast, people came together at the main stage of A3C, in the old Fourth Ward of Atlanta, and supported performances from emerging acts such as Kris Kasanova, Conner Evans, Chris Rivers and more. The A3C stage was also an opportunity for Atlanta [...]

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Swisher Sweets Artist Project at A3C: How Brands and Artists Can Work Together

This year at A3C, the Swisher Sweets Artist Project was part of a panel discussing how brands have been instrumental in breaking emerging artists into the mainstream, as well as and how artists and brands can work together to support each other. The group was made up of SVP of Marketing and Sales John Miller, [...]

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He Can’t Die Yet: This is just the beginning for Tre Capital

The Swisher Sweets Artist Project first met Tre Capital this year at the Swisher ATX Takeover during SXSW in Austin, Texas. He performed on stage for attendees of the Takeover with Talib Kweli and Waka Flocka Flame as part of a line-up of 11 other emerging artists from across the U.S. His high-energy performance took [...]

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Nothing Fake Here: Meet STL Pack Night Artist Saint Oeaux

Last stop on the 2016 Swisher Sweets Pack Night tour is St. Louis. Home to artists such as Nelly, Murphy Lee, and Chingy, St. Louis’ hip-hop scene is not to be forgotten. Up next on the scene is Saint Oeaux, Fresco Kane, and Mai Lee. We caught up with rising St. Louis-based artist Saint Oeaux [...]

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Keeping It Low Key with STL Pack Night Artist Mai Lee

Last stop on the 2016 Swisher Sweets Pack Night tour is St. Louis. Home to artists such as Nelly, Murphy Lee, and Chingy, St. Louis’ hip-hop scene is not to be forgotten. Up next on the scene is Mai Lee, Fresco Kane, and Saint Oeaux. We caught up with rising St. Louis-based artist Mai Lee [...]

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Through The Lens With Sonic Highlark

By chance, we were given some pretty dope photos for Swisher Sweets social media by indie hip-hop artist Marco Pave from Memphis. The photos made it up the chain of command until they caught the eye of the VP of Creative at Swisher Sweets in Jacksonville, Florida. The next day, we were tracking down New [...]

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Back Again: The Swisher Sweets Artist Project will be at A3C

Want to win tickets to the upcoming A3C Festival in Atlanta, Oct. 7-9? Sign up here for a chance to win: The Swisher Sweets Artist Project is once again collaborating with A3C (All Three Coasts) Festival & Conference, Oct 5-8, in Atlanta. It's the second year we have partnered with the hip-hop festival, and we [...]

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Through the Lens with Dom Wiser

Every day people take good photos on smartphones, post them to social media and gain tons of followers. But there is more to taking a photo than just pointing and shooting. It’s being able to help the subject tell its story without writing a 1,000 words. It's showing the viewer there is more to the [...]

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Lantana from Cincinnati: All Hustle, No Luck

On July 14th, The Swisher Sweets Artist Project hosted a Swisher Sweets Pack Night at Cincinnati's Northside Yacht Club. The event featured performances by Easy Lantana, as well as Nuk and Buggs Tha Rocka. We caught up with the rising Cincinatti-based rapper, Easy Lantana, before the show to ask a few questions. Check out his [...]

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Corey Lee has Hip-Hop’s Winning Numbers

Meet Corey Lee, an up-and-coming artist from Philadelphia, who was chosen by Ice-T to perform at the Art of Rap Festival in Brooklyn. The festival featured such hip-hop greats as Mobb Deep, Kurtis Blow and EPMD, and we caught up with Lee after his performance at the Coney Island Amphitheater to ask him a few [...]

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