Swisher Sweets Artist Project

Did you know that Swisher International, the maker of Swisher Sweets in all blends from Strawberry and Grape to our Limited Edition Summer Twist, is the largest cigar company in the world?  It’s true and it’s all because of YOU, our loyal fans.

We’re as passionate about our customers as we are about our products. We call you “Swisher Fans” because we’ve seen your shield tattoos, your coffee tables made of pouches, and have listened to every line in every song we’re mentioned (over 2,700 times… yes, we’re counting!).  Our take? It’s not just about the cigar, it’s about the SHIELD. You have embraced our product and turned it into an iconic brand.

Now it’s our turn to show our appreciation to all our fans across the country with the Swisher Sweets Artist Project. We’ve created this initiative to give back to you.

What’s the point? To help YOU pursue your passion and continue to share your art by creating unique opportunities that will push you to reach the next level.

How? The Swisher Sweets Artist Project is opening a live event series in multiple cities across the United States, creating special events each month where we will feature live musical performances and creative artists. We’ll also be awarding more than $25,000 in grants to artists throughout the year. The possibilities are only limited by YOUR creativity – if you’re a musician, artist, performer, or entertainer, our aim is to help emerging artists reach as many fans as possible.

We’ve even come up with crazy ideas like having a pop up concert inside a convenience store.

Who knows what will be next.

This is the beginning to a new movement, and you don’t want miss it.

Check out the rest of our website and if you still think you’re worthy, give us a shout out twitter!