Happy Mother’s Day!

Ever since you were a little kid, it was always “mom” who was there for you. As you got older and went through school, experiencing different things, it was always “mom” who was there to help you figure it out. As you got even older and it was time to start a career and a family of your own, that’s right, “mom” was there to make it as smooth as possible.Ponce-De'LeouinSM

For bubbling star Ponce De’Leioun, the role his mother plays cannot be diminished one bit. In fact, if it wasn’t for her, the world might not know who Ponce the rapper is today. “I do what I do because of my mother,” Ponce tells us. “Her strength and motivation helped me build my career. I remember growing up my mom had a lot of health issues. She was in and out of the hospital and almost passed many times. For me, that was the biggest motivation…”

Surprisingly enough, Ponce’s mother has been a part of the Swisher family for quite some time — even before Ponce — as she used to work for us in West Virginia where Ponce grew up. The talented emcee says because of that, he’s not only a frequent Swisher user to this day, but now feels even more part of the family.

“I was always around Swishers growing up,” Ponce reveals. “Swisher became a part of my life. Now I am in contact with Swisher, doing events, etc., so I consider them my family. Most people just smoke Swishers but to me it’s deeper than that. So much respect for the Swisher family.”

The Swisher team made Ponce a member of our 2016 Class last year, officially welcoming him to the Sweets family. Since then, we’ve done a lot together including an exclusive C-Store Session where Ponce put on a memorable, intimate performance at a local convenience store. Then this past March, Ponce was one of our main performers at our ATX Takeover Event in Austin, TX. Here’s what Ponce had to say about those experiences:

“The session was fire, original and unique; it was dope rapping in a store where a cop walks in and just starts breaking out into the robot with people around on their phones. That was definitely a dope session! ATX was dope! Definitely good vibes all around, so much fun, dope songs. The venue was nice — we had 3 big, dope rooms. Had a lot of fun out there with 21 Savage, RichTheKid, and Chanel West Coast. Especially with Chanel West Coast she definitely had me in there lit! Great vibes, good energy definitely have to do it again!”

Even though we don’t need a specific day to do it, we’d like to take a moment to tell all of the mothers and those who fulfill those roles just how special and meaningful you are. Thank you for everything you do. Ponce has a final message for you all as well:

“Last but not least I would like to say Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there. I would like to say stay strong, keep doing what your doing. I know we might not always be doing what you want us to be doing or acting like how we should but your job as a mother is just motivate, encourage, and give us life. Thanks for showing us how to live life and that life is a blessing so go out there and make something of it! I have messed up, got kicked out of school but my mom never gave up on me. She still motivated me and made sure that she was my biggest fan. So thanks for you mom.”